Reporting, Security and Administration


Accrue will send you valuations every six months or upon request. We will be happy to meet with you at agreed intervals to talk about how your portfolio is performing, our investment policy and any changes in your requirements. Your Investment Manager is always on hand to take any calls whenever there is anything you need to know or wish to discuss.

Accrue Investment Management Ltd uses nominee companies to register and administer holdings on our clients’ behalf. All of these nominee companies are separate legal entities from Accrue and do not trade. However, the nominee companies only take legal title to the assets – our clients retain the beneficial ownership.


Clients’ assets that are registered with nominee companies are held in trust and are not regarded by third parties as belonging to Accrue. In the extremely unlikely event that Accrue were to default, clients’ assets would remain entirely separate from those of the firm and could not be used to settle any debts accrued by the firm.

Accrue is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). In line with FSA requirements, we reconcile all clients’ holdings at least once every month for dematerialised stock and every six months for certificated stock. Furthermore, all holdings must be confirmed with their beneficial owners on an annual basis.

Where assets are held with a sub-custodian, such as with overseas securities, we are required to reconcile these holdings at least once every 25 business days. In these cases, stock is normally held in a nominee name and is legally separate from the sub-custodian’s own assets.


Accrue has chosen not to outsource its administrative functions, but to undertake these in-house. We deal with our own settlements, as well as the preparation of contract notes, portfolio reports and valuations.

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