Attitude to Risk


Lower-risk investment objectives include the need to achieve a real return on investment. This means that the return achieved on investment is greater than the rate of inflation, therefore achieving a real increase in the value of your assets. As well as investment in fixed income assets such as government and highquality corporate bonds, investors would consider mainstream ‘blue-chip’ equities such as the FTSE 100. Higher yielding stock, investment trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) should also be considered. Lower-risk capital growth would be the main aim of investment strategy, although fluctuations would occur in capital value.


As well as investment in mainstream blue-chip companies investors would have a bias towards growth stocks as constituted within the FTSE 350 list. Additionally, investment in major companies as constituted on international stock markets would be included. Investment strategy would tend to seek out companies that demonstrate long-term capital growth rather than income. OEICs or other collective investments could also be used to achieve balance within the portfolio as well as secure capital returns.The capital value of investments would fluctuate due to the increased volatility of mid-cap stocks with an overall aim of achieving a balanced portfolio.


A high-risk investment strategy will predominantly invest in equities that aim to provide short, medium and long-term capital growth. Medium and small cap stocks will be the main constituents of an investment portfolio with greater potential for capital fluctuations including the possibility of capital losses. Stock turnover will tend to be higher to take advantage of shortterm price fluctuations.

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